Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Neckware 10

6 - 29 JUNE 2013
OPENING 5.30 WED 5 JUNE 2013

77 Ponsonby Rd 
+64 9 378 1256 

Another exciting Neckware show this year with selector Warwick FreemanIt has two other solo shows along side it;
Fran Allison My Place and Amelia Pascoe A Journey in D.

If you can't get the Masterworks website, because they are currently having some technical issues, check them out on Facebook; 

Wood Linen Brass

Wood Linen Brass, Neck-piece, 2013 (Detail)
T-tree, vintage linen, domestic implements, brass, tissue paper, acrylic

'Objects are created with a function in mind, but is this their sole reason for existing? If it does something, other than what is intended, what is it? Is this ambiguity its resonating strength? Does it impair the original purpose or enhance it? Does it shift how we engage with it?

Evoke.' Sarah Walker-Holt 2013

Fran Allison and Amelia Pascoe
I'm really looking forward to all of these shows and in particular Fran Allison's, who taught me at MSVA and has been an extremely supportive mentor. Her work often has an underlying domestic or craft reference through either the materials or techniques that she utilizes. In hindsight, I can now see more clearly what a great inspiration her workings have been to my own. Below is Kevin Murray's 2010 overview of Allison's -the lei of another land

Amelia Pascoe is a jeweler I am in awe of. A recent graduate of Whitireia with her A LURE OF THE ELUSIVE(2012), an extremely well executed body of work based on trapsThe very tactile, mechanistic qualities, that I feel allude to something quite fetishistic, definitely allure me. Having met Pascoe at Jemposium in 2012 and what she was working on at he time, makes me look forward to seeing her new body of work in the flesh. 

Be sure to also check out Whitireia's Jewellery Catalogues especially 'Speak' that features Pascoe.