Thursday, July 1, 2010

Metadecorative: New work by Mary Curtis

This week I have been very privileged in assisting Mary Curtis with her latest exhibit at Objectspace, Metadecorative: New work by Mary Curtis - 3 - 31 July 2010. The opening is tonight, 2 July at 6pm followed by an Artist talk on Saturday the 3rd at 11am. Mary’s jewellery is meticulous, I found myself drooling over it the first day, and it is definitely not a show to be missed! Mary is presenting the works in vitrines, museum cabinets and bell jars that project a sense of space and floating that allow you to view the work from all sides, the significance being that the back is as important as the front. Mary’s choice of patterns and materials are nostalgic and when framed with her acutely lacy metalwork it emphasises clearly the value and personal associations of popular d├ęcor and textiles of our past that slowly become lost.