Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Situational Personalities

A conversation between Artist Sarah Walker-Holt & object wearer Lisa Carlin

SWH. I’m going to give you an object to wear and I’m going to explain to you how it works.
LC. I put a cardi on.
SWH. It completely comes apart.
LC. I see.
SWH. And you can reconfigure it.
LC. Oh, so I can design it?
SWH. Sort of, yeah, you can pick ‘n’ choose how many pieces you use and which ones you put together.

SWH. So when you wear it, because it’s not conventional in how it’s worn, you can push it through buttonholes, on jackets.
LC. Oh, ok. So this is the main piece?
SWH. Well, it can be what ever piece you want; you can have a piece on the inside of your cardigan.
LC. Ok.
SWH. And if you get one of the ones that have got like the button on it, so it works a bit like a button and buttonhole, you have to be prepared for it to stretch your cardigan, but it will go back.
LC. Oh, ok, that’s ok.

LC. I guess, I think, it would be, it’s quite good because your personality would come through, with the way that you put it on.
SWH. Yeah, it would, wouldn’t it.
LC. Because, if you were, like, quite a tidy perfectionist person, you would have one, but when you where not a perfectionist, you, I’d say you would quite like to have them like this, all over you.
SWH. That one, that one hasn’t got the knob on it.
LC. Right, this has a knob.
SWH. But you could undo your buttons and push the loop.
LC. So I quite like the idea of them spread around.

LC. There you go. I wonder if you could put that one through that one, loop it off like that – oh! It’s like a toy; it’s quite cool, isn’t it.

LC. I’d quite like to have one here, but can’t really attach it, unless, I push it through the wool, are you allowed to do that?
SWH. Yeah, yeah, but your cardigan isn’t like an open weave is it?
LC. So, you had all this on one brooch? I don’t know how you did it – now how did you do it, with um, which side did you have on the inside?
SWH. Ah, I would have had one flat one, one flatish one, on the inside, with a centre hole.
LC. It’s like a puzzle.
SWH. Um.
LC. Oh, I never tried to put it on one, there’s no way I could do that, try putting it all on one, there’s, I’ve got to try and make it before I put it on this time.
SWH. Yeah, that was – seems to be how I do it for some reason.
LC. Yeah, I automatically thought that you create it on you.

LC. It’s like treasure.
SWH. That, actually that’s, ah that’s nice coz I haven’t done it all dangly like that.
LC. Makes you realise all people are different, doesn’t it. Right I don’t know if I should add, should I add all of them on? Or stop?
SWH. Well I suppose you could always just see what it’s like at that point – decide how it hangs.

LC. Um, I need – to attach that to there – right – nearly ready.

LC. How’s that look? Ok?
SWH. Looks great.
LC. Now I haven’t used these ones, I’m sorry about that.
SWH. Haha.
LC. Yeah, it’s just that.