Monday, July 11, 2011

Neckware 8, Masterworks

Neckware 8
Group Jewellery Show
Thu, 7 Jul 11 - Sun, 24 Jul 11
Masterworks Gallery Ponsonby

Sarah Walker-Holt, Fiddlesticks, 2011

wood, vintage thread, copper, brass

Embracing my bricolage practice, I have utilised and dissected wooden kitchen utensils and reconfigured them into a single piece of jewellery. By giving the wearer options as to how it can be worn initiates a relationship with the piece. I have not dictated which is the back or the front while at the same time it can be worn either around the neck, by unravelling the cotton, or as a brooch. The brooch pin is not apparent as it is a nut and bolt that is hidden within the two pieces that complete it. The nut and bolt are a motif within my work that once again speaks of bricolage, by taking this mechanism from its everyday context and subjecting it into another where it is not ordinarily understood.

Lucy Pierpoint is also in Neckware 8, demonstrating her desire to transform obsolete technology materials into something precious by unearthing a form of splendour that lies within.

Lucy Pierpoint, Defy Obsolescence ,2011, audio tape, silver plate

Lucy will also be exhibiting her exciting and alluring current exploration with discarded Television sceens at Masterworks. Thu, 28 Jul 11 - Wed, 24 Aug 11