Monday, November 7, 2011

Winner of the New Zealand Jewellery Show 2011

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Media Release: 09 September 2011

Diamonds and Twine
Opposites attract judges eyes at the New Zealand Jewellery Show Design Awards.
You wouldn’t find two more polar opposite pieces: a fine jewellery flower ring that transforms at the flick of a hidden mechanism into a pendant studded with almost $30,000 worth of sapphires and diamonds, and a contemporary pendant made using wooden kitchen utensils, firewood, garden twine and nuts and bolts, but both of them were winners at the New Zealand Jewellery Show Design Awards last night.
WINNER – contemporary: Sarah Walker-Holt for: ‘Timekeeping’.
The contemporary judges were looking for a piece with x-factor and found it in Timekeeping. “We were looking for individualism confidently expresses through media, that is – a unique piece that has conceptual and aesthetic resolve.” Timekeeping excited the judges with the way in which Walker-Holt treated the recycled household materials the same way precious metals and stones are treated in the best of fine jewellery.
“The solutions Walker-Holt used to construct her piece are not accidental, but in fact are the result of careful decision making. The aesthetic seems to come out of a DIY vernacular, and assemblage of parts reflects a resourceful keen eye and hand.”
Walker-Holt explains the inspiration behind Timekeeping “The worn and used aesthetic I create is reflective of my ethics. I want value to ultimately lie in an objects sense of endurance through its patina and though time honoured craft techniques.”

Judges; Karl Fritsch and Areta Wilkinson